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As Chinas 110 meters hurdles two iconic characters, Liu Xiang and Shi Dongpeng are twins, at last years Guangzhou games, two one-two, Liu Xiang also announced the return of the king 09 to 13 seconds.

The training ground, Liu Xiang and Shi Dongpeng are rivals, off-site training, two of them are close friends, in Tencent micro-blog, two people each other frequently bickering, show their humorous talent.

Currently, Liu Xiang is Shanghai is preparing for the new season, according to Xiang team competition, Liu Xiang wil.

In nike free run 3.0 v4 fact, at the Athens Olympic Games mens 110 meter hurdles final the day before, Liu Xiang playing nike free run Doude Zhu Shi Dongpeng bombing, but the next day he ran 12.

Beijing on January 15th news, Chinas hurdles star Liu Xiang and Shi Dongpeng in the Tencent micro-blog mutual bickering, wherein Shi Dongpeng bid of Athens Olympic Games eve, they still play fights the landlord to relax, mint nike free runs while Liu Xiang kept Shi Dongpeng in the catch bomb hands trembling tight.

Shi Dongpeng micro-blog show Landlords free runs game screenshots

Subsequently, Liu Xiangs name was remembered by the world.

Completely broke the! Fried a little half off nikes dizzy.

When Shi Dongpeng micro-blog updates soon, Liu Xiang will respond, he wrote, is the.

The mate of ridicule, Liu Xiang does not show weakness, rapid update micro-blog bid up Shi Dongpengs embarrassment, this brand is rarely touch, even to touch the 5 bomb blast down is really not easy! It cheap nike free runs has been recorded in history! Remember when you hand holding card tremble! The face of Liu Xiangs revelations, Shi Dongpeng are speechless, only giggle cheap nike free run 2 for response, I tremble? Have? Ha-ha.

Think of 04 years when the Olympics in Athens, before the match day, my brother, king, and volcano, three of us nike free run 5.0 womens pink played landlords, the me two bomb called the landlord, king is the two bomb, brother of a volcano, the I win, very stimulating, five bomb give the king mint green nike free runs fries in the game broke out, 1291, had a good time.

This afternoon, in Shi Dongpengs own Tencent micro-blog wrote, just playing the happy dipper landlord, appeared a major suit, five fried, ha ha.

com / npicture / 2011 / 115 / 45912676.

The brand is really shock the common customs! The other night.

91 excellent results, for the Chinese track cheap nike free and field team got a valuable gold.

Shi Dongpeng then sent Bo replies, dont blow fainted, that would have broken the record, ha ha, all blame me ha.

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